Ongoing projects

  • Albioma la Reunion (F) – Optimisation of the flue gas treatment
  • GMVA Oberhausen
    • Retrofit of a spray dryer
  • EEW:
    • Consulting / Engineering for the planning of the new sewage sludge incineration in Delfzijl (NL)
    • Planning services for the construction of the new flue gas treatment systems in the TRV Buschhaus
    • Engineering to evaluate further energy extraction from the flue gas through condensation stages
    • Project management for the revamping of the WtE Rothensee, Magdeburg
    • Planning services for the establishment of the new flue gas treatment system
  • ZAK Kempten – Engineering and consultancy services
  • WIP Gersthofen – Optimisation of the SNCR for reduction of NOx
  • WIP Leudelange (Luxembourg) – Approval management for the implementation of the BREF-requirements
  • WIP Como (I) – Investigation and optimisation of a mercury separation
  • Birkenstock B.V. & Co. KG – Investigation of the thermal utilisation of the production residues
  • GSB Ebenhausen – Design planning for the wastewater-free flue gas treatment-retrofit of the spray dryers
  • AVG Hamburg – Concept study on CO2-capture and its utilisation
  • ZAS Darmstadt – General planner for the part "Flue gas treatment" within a planning-bidding consortium for the construction of a new waste and sewage sludge incineration unit
  • GKS Schweinfurt – Analysis of the energy self-sufficiency of today's heat consumers
  • ZASt Zella-Mehlis – Determination and evaluation of the optimisation potential of the existing flue gas treatment system
  • Hamburger Rieger GmbH
    • Consulting services for the optimisation of the existing flue gas treatment
  • SES Stuttgart – Consulting services to reduce NH3-Emissions from sewage sludge incineration
  • T.A.Lauta – Determination and evaluation of the optimisation potentials of the existing flue gas treatment
  • GML – WIP Ludwigshafen, retrofitting of the Steam-Gas-Preheater in the existing SCR-DeNOx system
  • vinci (Paris) – Engineering and consulting services (flue gas treatment)
  • Küttner (Essen) – Consulting services (flue gas treatment)
  • HIM Indaver – Guidance of the trials to the LOTOX® behind the hazardous waste incineration plan


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