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  • Optimization of processes and plants

Ingenieurgesellschaft für Energie- und Umweltengineering & Beratung mbH


Our main concern is to backup and secure a maximum of ecology and economy.

That means, to reach highest efficiency with existing resources under observance of the ecological requirements.

Our strength is the exploitation of the actual knowledge within the market in order to always be able to offer our customers the optimised solution.

The good results from numerous projects validate us in our concept

Our customers profit from...

  • a large expert knowledge in the field of flue gas treatment
  • a significant participation in further development of flue gas cleaning systems
  • a longtime practical experience in planning, building and commissioning of power and WtE plants
  • an engineering company as a consultant in a nodal point of a network of universities, organisations, plant manufacturers und operators.

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Rudi Karpf, CEO













To prevent any further spreading of the coronavirus and keep its effect on health and economy at a minimum level, we agreed on following measures:

We follow the rules decided by the German government concerning preventing measures against the coronavirus.

We want to avoid any physical contact with other persons and therefore cancel all our meetings where it would be the case. We have modern communication devices at our disposal. Project meetings can be done via video call or phone conversation.

We follow the guidance advised by the national and international health organisations regarding hygienic measures.

Should our current actions leed to irritation, we do apologise and ask for your understanding.

Your ete.a team


Currently ete.a is involved in numerous projects.

The elaboration of the concept studies for optimisation or specific planning services for the implementation of modernisation measures for the flue gas treatment plants are only few of the ongoing activities of ete.a.

Find out more:

Ongoing projects


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