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29. VDI-/ITAD-Fachkonferenz: Thermische Abfallbehandlung 2017

27. and 28. September 2017 in Würzburg (Germany)

Presentation: NOx-decrease at all costs? Does a further decrease of emission figures make sense?

Prof. Dr.-Ing Rudi Karpf (ete.a GmbH, Managing Director)

Dipl.-Ing. Yannick Conrad (ete.a GmbH)



Energetic optimization of the FGT line 1 and 2 in RZR Herten

Since the eighties, several waste types are energetically treated in the waste to energy facility RZR Herten conducting to an actual combustion rate of 650.000 tons per year, thus providing a clean and environment friendly energy source. RZR Herten supply round 230 million kWh per year in the energy net of the Herten Public utility company. In order to increase the energetic potential of the facility, ete.a has been ordered to define and analyse possible concepts of optimization including an economic comparison. The results of the study will be used for futures decisions concerning the energetic design of the plant.



Study for the analysis of the air-biofilter for Evonik Industries in Darmstadt

With the purpose of a complete analyze of the air cleaning system in the chemical park Evonik Industries in Darmstadt, ete.a has been ordered a first time in 2016 to analyse the hydraulic design of the air cleaning system. Followng this study, Evonik has ordered ete.a again to now analyze the biological part of the biofilter and give some recommendations of improvement.

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